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Production of building materials and creative industries

Reasons to look at Portugal for sourcing the production of building materials and creative industries:

  • Great global presence due to superior quality, innovation, craftsmanship  and design;
  • 12,419 industrial companies (mostly SME’s) employing 95.000 people and representing 18% of the manufacturing industry and 13% of the jobs in the manufacturing industry in Portugal;
  • International business culture and outreach with export to 187 markets mak-ing Portugal the 33rd largest exporter in the world;
  • Representing 54% of the total volume of exports in Portugal;
  • Tradition and expertise combined. The industries are well-developed techno-logically as well as having the capacity for flexibility, innovation and product design - a high added value for the overall production.
  • High-quality materials with a key focus on metal, ceramics, wood & cork, plastic, glass and cement, leather
  • Portugal is the world largest cork producer; a natural and sustainable product which is used both in construction and design.
  • A developed ceramics and porcelain industry, flexible and ready to deliver even small quantities.
  • Great focus on sustainability, energy efficiency and other environmentally friendly solutions – in accordance with the national focus and demand for en-ergy efficiency;
  • Closely connected to the large Portuguese construction industry, which has the 4th largest presence in the African market – especially within the con-struction of infrastructure, This manufacturing industry has a large presence and in-depth knowledge of markets in South America and Africa.