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On this site we have gathered relevant information for you as a journalist. The list includes articles, information about Denmark, tools, contact persons etc.


Visitdenmark: The official tourism and travel information guide to Denmark with Danish hotel links, maps, pictures, flags and other relevant travel and tourism info. They also have their own Facebook. For further information you may contact the international press office in Visitdenmark. Official Denmark site developed by the Danish State. Provides news, articles, map, history, facts on economy and links. You can also find on Facebook On their webpage you may find useful links to informative websites, image databases and free video material to spice up your articles about Denmark and the Danes.

The Embassy has developed a publication in Portuguese for children. How is it like to be a child in Denmark?

Denmark in Figures is a small booklet with lots of information on Denmark and the Danes. It is a useful guide for tourists, foreign students and others who wish to get a quick overview of contemporary Danish society. It also describes important changes in Danish society over the past 30-40 years. 

The Embassy has a comprehensive list of Danish Newspapers.


We have gathered a selection of articles already written about Denmark. Find out what your colleagues wrote on topics such as the new Nordic cuisine, Danish architecture, bicycling culture etc. Note that the articles have been divided by topics in the left column. Please click here.

Portugueses na Dinamarca: Portuguese people in Denmark have gathered useful information about Denmark and Portugal. How are the two countries connected and what do you need to keep in mind when being in Denmark as a Portuguese.  


Invest in Denmark: The national Danish foreign investment promotion agency helping companies to explore business opportunities and establish themselves abroad.


A number of events involving Denmark occurs in Portugal. You may see which here.


The Embassy has collected several articles about sustainability and green initiatives. You may know about them here.  

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