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Portugal as a market

Portugal is a uniquely placed hub with access to essential shipping routes to America, Europe, Africa and Asia, making it appealing for any company or investor. Additionally, Portugal is the closest Euro-pean country to North America and with only 3-hours time difference to both Sao Paulo and Moscow. Portugal bridges the Lusophone market, which includes 260 million people, including Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and the South American countries. Portugal had a steady economic growth estimated to 1,9 pct. for 2020 before the corona crisis and a large pool of talent and higher educational insti-tutions as well as high English language proficiency.

The country has good infrastructure with several ports (including deep-sea), air-ports, a well-maintained road network as well as a wide and efficient IT and tele-communications network. In addition, Portugal has several industrial clusters, e.g. in the maritime economy, energy, textile and shoes, pharma and agro-food, from which Danish companies can benefit. It is also easy to register new companies and properties. World Bank's Doing Business Report 2015 ranks Portugal as no. 13 in the "Starting a Business". The national minimum wages are furthermore lower than countries such as Greece and Slovenia and almost half of the minimum wages in most northern European countries.

Denmark has a well-known and well-regarded reputation in Portugal and Danish businesses are known for providing innovative products and solutions of high quality. Potentially interesting sectors for Danish companies are energy efficiency and re-newable energy; health, welfare technology and biotechnology; green knowledge and technology in the water sector, such as sewage, building and green renovation; as well as machinery and equipment for food production.

Facts about Portugal as a market:

  • 12th out of 100 countries regarding English language skills;
  • 12th out of 118 countries regarding ease of finding skilled employees;
  • 21st out of 118 countries regarding the availability of scientists and engineers;
  • Possible to start a company online in 46 min.

Take a look at some of Portugal's industries with a great potential for sourcing and relocation of production in the menu below.