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Portugal as a market

Portugal is an Atlantic nation with strategic access to more than 250 million Portuguese-speaking consumers. Through the association of Portuguese-speaking countries, CPLP, Portugal has close political and commercial ties to Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe, Guinea Bissau and Macau. Several companies have used Portugal as a springboard to Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The country has good infrastructure with several ports (including deep sea), airports, a well-maintained road network as well as a wide and efficient IT and telecommunications network. In addition, Portugal has a number of industrial clusters, e.g. in the maritime economy, energy, textile and shoes, pharma and agro-food, from which Danish companies can benefit. It is also easy to register new companies and properties. World Bank's Doing Business Report 2015 ranks Portugal as no. 13 in the "Starting a Business". Portuguese people in general have good English skills, facilitating communication in business.

Denmark has a well-known and well-regarded reputation in Portugal and Danish businesses are known for providing innovative products and solutions of high quality. Potentially interesting sectors for Danish companies are energy efficiency and renewable energy; health, welfare technology and biotechnology; green knowledge and technology in the water sector, such as sewage, building and green renovation; as well as machinery and equipment for food production.

There are thus many reasons why Danish companies can benefit from Portugal as an export market and the Danish Embassy in Lisbon is ready to help you get started.

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