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Work in Denmark

The Danish labour market is open for employment for citizens from the EU member countries. As a EU citizen you can stay in Denmark up to six months if you are looking for a job. If you succeed to find a job and decide to stay, you must apply for a residence permit.

Below you find a range of links to job centres, newspapers, trade unions and employment agencies. Please note that Danish employers in general prefer to receive motivated applications for specific jobs. Job centres and employment agencies will usually accept general applications.

Residence and Work Permits

Please visit for guidance on how to obtain residence and work permits. The site is available in English.

General information

On the following websites, you can find general information about living and working in Denmark: 

For Portuguese living in Denmark, you can visit: 

Residence in Denmark

To find useful links to accommodation and housing portals, please visit: 

Websites for jobseekers

The Danish job centres provide information on all types of jobs for free, please visit Jobnet. On Jobnet you can search for positions based on geographic location or job type, mostly in Danish, as well as place your personal data in a CV bank. Some advertisements are written in English or German.

To keep updated with the changing job situation in Denmark, you are advised to consult Work in Denmark. This site also offers a CV- and job database. On Job-Guide you can find links to job databases and CV databases. Other useful sites are:


The majority of the newspapers have a job section in the Wednesday and Sunday editions, listings are mostly in Danish: 

There are also job advertisements in regional and local newspapers and in the free newspapers, mainly on a specific weekday, e.g. Wednesday.

Trade Unions

You can also contact a relevant trade union, which can help you with information on finding a specific type of job. Some unions have a job database for their members. You can find an overview of Danish trade unions: 

Job applications

Your CV must contain information about your job experience, education, requirements for a job, etc. The CV must also contain a letter, which provides a complete picture of you and your qualifications. It is a good idea to check the CV regularly to see if there are enquiries from employers. At Work in Denmark, you can find tips and advice on job applications.

International house in Copenhagen

At the international house in Copenhagen, you can get assistance with your paperwork, job searching, networking and much more, when moving to Copenhagen.