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COVID-19 business assistance

Due to the current spread of COVID-19, global society is facing many difficulties and uncertainties. Nonetheless, the Trade Council in Lisbon has followed the situation closely and will continue to monitor it carefully. There have already been many changes in events planned for the year 2020 – but new opportunities arise.
In order to face the pandemic crisis, which is affecting us all, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has developed an Export and Investment Package to assist Danish companies to get safely through these difficult times and helping your company to protect and regain market shares or develop and expand new export or investment opportunities for your business.

The Export and Investment Package has the following elements to support Danish companies:

Commercial Services

  • Up to 15 hours of free emergency COVID-19 counselling;
  • Reduced price for export counselling in 2020 - a halving of the current hourly rate to only DKK 500 per hour and DKK 250 for SME's;
  • Up to 5 hours of free public service advice.

Export Promotion:

  • In 2021 is the pool for export promotion increased from DKK 34,7M to 69,4M;
  • The subsidies for coordinators and companies are increased - now covering 75% of the expenses instead of 50%;
  • Boosted motivation for export promotions that contributes to the green transition and/or sustainability, including the UN SDGs

New Taskforce based in Copenhagen:

  • Establishing a new Global Response Team, which will help Danish companies by supporting and strengthening their exports.