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Portugal looks to Denmark for lessons on decentralisation

The Portuguese Government intends to decentralise power to municipalities. It therefore occurred to the Parliament’s committee for local planning to look towards Denmark’s experience with the implementation of the major structural reform in 2007, which significantly reduced the number of municipalities and regions.
Through video link, Head of Department Søren Thomsen from the Ministry of Economy and Internal Affairs explained the reform and the lessons learned during the last 10 years of implementation. He talked about the political decision-making process that led to the reform, the distribution of funds and responsibilities among regions and municipalities, as well as results and the public reception of the amalgamations of the municipalities.

Ambassador Michael Suhr supplemented with a requested presentation about the Government’s decision in 2015 to move 3.900 or 11,5 % of all State functionaries to 38 cities in Denmark in order to create more even development in Denmark and harvest synergies with competences in civil society.