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The Green Embassy Network

The Danish Embassy in Lisbon is a member of The Green Embassy Network.
Green Mission
The Green Embassy Network is a network of Danish Embassies trying to promote climate - and Danish climate solutions - and reduce their own energy comsumption. Some messures which have been taken are reducing printing of documents and printing on both sides, using refill cartridges, unpluging electric equipment when not used, using energy saving light bulbs etc.


The thought behind setting up a network for the embassies’ climate friendly efforts is that a limitation of wasted resources can be achieved through exchange of ideas and best practices. The idea behind is that the embassies will not have to invent all the good solutions on their own, but instead they can benefit from the exchange of experience and ideas within the network. Green Embassy Network was established in October 2008 by 16 Danish embassies with the aim of saving 1,5 % annually on energy (while still letting the embassies define individual goals if wishing to do so). The annual goal of 1,5 % was set in cooperation with the Danish Centre for Energy Savings. Since its establishment the number of embassies in the network has grown steadily as word of mouth has spread, and today it includes 35 embassies.


The Green Embassy Network serves several purposes. Obviously there is a huge benefit from saving energy for both the climate and the environment – a benefit that is also felt on the budget side. Subsequently the network serves the purpose of setting a good example for the representations of other countries and thereby increasing the credibility and impact of the embassies when carrying out public diplomacy initiatives related to the environment, the energy or the climate areas. Also, when promoting export and investment in Danish energy solutions, the network initiative shows that the embassies are ‘practising what they are preaching’. The initiative sends the signal that everyone can make a difference for the environment even with very small steps. It also makes it apparent that being conscious about the environment is possible everywhere on the planet, not just in Denmark. Finally, the network is in itself a way of generating attention to global warming and climate change, which in itself is a very important goal.