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Global Green Growth Forum (3GF)

The mission of 3GF is to explore and demonstrate better collaboration and partnerships among leading businesses, investors and key public institutions that can lead to new models of inclusive and sustainable growth created by all and for all.

The challenge

For the world to meet the needs of nine billion people by 2050, a major industrial transition is needed, along with new models of growth. Only a major change in mind-sets will make it possible to balance short-term gains with the long-term sustainability of the planet and the global economy. This includes using - or even reusing - resources more efficiently and sustainably.

The opportunity

3GF recognizes this challenge as being an opportunity for growth and economic prosperity. The mission of this global partnership is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among leading business, investors and key public institutions can effectively realize the potential for long-term global green growth. 

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are the cornerstone of 3GF’s work and can be a key enabler to accelerate transition to an inclusive green economy. 3GF helps identify, promote and launch potential PPPs with a particular focus on achieving speed-to-scale across borders.

A leading annual venue for top-level decision-makers

The aim of 3GF is thus to deliver concrete actions, commitments and recommendations for the transition to long-term sustainable green growth. To this end 3GF convenes a select high-level group of global green growth leaders – from governments and cities, CEOs from business and finance, leading experts, international organizations and civil society in the annual Global Green Growth Forum in Copenhagen. The third Forum in Copenhagen took place on October 21-22, 2013.


  • Please visit the 3GF website: for more information about the partnership, recent events, photos, videos and much more.


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