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Welcome to the Embassy of Denmark in Lisbon, Portugal, and welcome to our official website

It was with great honour I took over this dream-job as Ambassador on August 1, 2014. Portugal is a fascinating country with a long history as nation-state.

Portugal and Denmark have much in common. We are committed to the same values and on many issues, we share the same views. At the same time Portugal and Denmark are two very unique countries which are both among the very oldest in Europe.  Our commonalities and our diversity carry with them an enormous potential and are in fact opportunities, which can be turned into complementarity and unity. 

The relationship between Portugal and Denmark goes more than thousand years back.  The Vikings came to visit, the Danish King Valdemar II married the daughter of King D. Sancho I of Portugal  in 1214, we went out to discover the sea-route to the Far East together in 1470 etc. Over the years relations have strengthened and developed. Today we actively cooperate in many areas from politics in the EU, NATO, and UN as well as in commerce and trade, as well as in culture. More and more the Portuguese are visiting or going to work in Denmark as well as the other way around. This also contributes to strengthening the ties between our two countries.

Our relationship is strong and has the potential for even further development to mutual benefit. It is the Embassy’s finest task to work to utilise this potential to its full and to assist Danes and Portuguese. It is the Embassy’s overall task to represent Denmark and the Danish interests in Portugal, as well as to seek cooperation in the many areas where Danish and Portuguese interests are mutual or complementary.

One of the areas where we currently seek to strengthen cooperation politically and commercially is in the green area such as energy-efficiency. Denmark aspires to be in the forefront with the green revolution, and seek concrete ways in pursuing this endeavour with Portugal who aspires to do the same.

The Embassy does not have a commercial team but we stand ready within our means to seek to assist the increasing number of Danish companies which again shows greater interests in Portugal. After a long period of economic and financial crisis in which Portugal reformed and consolidated, Portugal is now out of the Troika-programme and recently (September 2014) jumped 15 places up in the competitiveness scale from the World Economic Forum.

Spreading the knowledge of how the Danish society and political culture and system work is a natural part of pursuing the Danish interests. It is our hope that this homepage will contribute to providing easy access to information about Denmark and relations between Portugal and Denmark. You may also read more about the tasks of the Embassy, cultural activities and what type of consular services we may offer. I do hope you may find the information you are looking for through this page or the many links to other pages. Otherwise you are most welcome to contact us via mail, telephone, post, fax, Facebook or Twitter.

Michael Suhr
Ambassador of Denmark to Portugal